Software Development

Software development

Software Development
IT people developes desktop applications that are user friendly that helps to simplify your business.

We develop using VB, Delphi, and java using MySQL and MSSQL databases.

We do the complete cycle from the initial product idea, development, implementation, and support.

We handle all the project management functions to ensure that the project is completed on-time, to specifications and with-in budget.

We specialize in a wide range of development projects which can be custom-made to suite your companies individual requirements.

We work very closely with our clients ensuring that the development cycle remains on track, making sure that the companies needs always comes first in any project.

We spec out the project with the company first ensuring that input is given by all role players making sure that the application is developed diversley so that all different angles are covered.

We develop modular applications allowing for future upgrades and alterations with minimal expense.

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