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Website Development & Software Development
IT People Specialises in developing dynamic websites, web applications and desktop applications that are user friendly and innovative to simplify the running of your business.

We at IT People believes that the Internet is a powerful tool that can offer enourmous gains to your business when developed, maintained and marketed correctly.

That is why we develop each site specifically for your business with your individual needs in mind.
We assist you in getting favourable search enging rankings through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We also specialise in offering the development of desktop applications that can simplify your day to day business tasks.

IT Support
WE offer support on Microsoft and Linus platforms as well as implementing network solutions on both these platforms.

We offer the SME installation that can act as a domain controller, file & print server, mail server, web server and firewall, withy the capability to do remote admin.
We have been successful in running Pastel Partnet with pervasive on the SME Linux server.

Web Hosting & Domain Registration
We have recently added Hosting and Domain registrations to our list of services.
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